Our Story

Learning to live an authentic, inspired, and fulfilling life is something that so many people struggle with. All too often, our personal growth and development takes a back seat to the stress and strain of daily life, and routine takes a slow but steady toll on our motivation. Over time, we become just a shell of who we really are, operating on just a fraction of our ability. Wind For Your Sails started from the simple act of consistently counterbalancing the unrelenting stress in the lives of friends and family, by infusing each day with a healthy dose of affirmation, positivity, motivation and encouragement. Watching them come into their own and begin to thrive was a wonderful thing. But serving as a catalyst for their growth was truly a blessing! That genuine feeling of fulfillment is what gave birth to Wind For Your Sails, because we've seen that often all people really need is just a little boost of positivity and motivation to help them find their way. And for those that need a road map, we can provide that as well.